The following rules are intended to ensure fair play for all participants. Hoop D' Ville promotes sportsmanship as a crucial aspect of the tournament. Observance of the rules, along with sportsmanship and respect for opposing team members and tournament organizers helps ensure a safe and enjoyable day for everyone.

Good sportsmanship is expected from all participants and spectators. Team captains are responsible to aid in controlling the conduct of teammates and fans and will act as the sole team spokesperson at all times. Poor sportsmanship could result in the assessing of penalties against a team or removal from tournament. Failure to comply with sportsmanship standards, with such acts as fighting, taunting, intimidating, excessive arguing, or verbally attacking a player, spectator, or tournament organizer can lead to the immediate removal of the offending player, team, or spectator from the tournament. 

The tournament is open to both men and women and players ages 14 and up.

Pre-Registration applications are due by TBA.
Online applications will be accepted until July 15, 2013.

Game day registrations are accepted for COST TBA

Teams may consist of either 4-6 players that are registered by the tournament entry deadline.   The players listed on the team entry form are the only ones eligible to play on that team. Player change requests will be accepted or rejected at the sole discretion of tournament organizers.  Under no circumstances will player/roster substitutions be allowed after the tournament begins without approval of tournament organizers. All games must start with 4 players on each team. Any number of players (1, 2, or 3) may complete a game. Players may appear on only one team for the tournament unless otherwise approved by tournament organizers.

All high school and college players are encouraged to check with their coaches and/or athletic directors about participating and the potential effects on their eligibility. Hoop D' Ville is not responsible for determining a particular athlete's eligibility under National Collegiate Athletic Association or applicable high school association rules. 

No player shall be allowed to wear a guard, cast, hard brace, or other potentially dangerous piece of equipment on his/her elbow, hand, wrist, finger, or forearm, including equipment made of hard leather, plastic, plaster, or metal, even if the equipment is covered with soft padding. Soft braces, sleeves, and wraps will be allowed unless they pose a danger to other players. Hoop D' Ville retains the right to disallow any equipment or apparel that they deem to be dangerous or inappropriate.

Each team must wear shirts of matching colors to aid in identifying each team for fouls and scoring.

Full-sized men's basketball will be used for all games.

A basket is worth 2 points. A successful basket behind the top of the key is worth three points. A player must have both feet behind the line to be considered a made shot to be counted as 3 points.

All games, including the championship game, will be played up to 30 points or whichever team is leading after two 15 minutes halves.

Upon completion of each game, a representative from the winning team will report the final score sheet to the Registration Table.

Both teams will have warm-up time prior to the game at their assigned court. Warm-up time is dependent upon the weather and adherence to the tournament game schedule, and may be as little as 3 minutes.


At the start of each game, one team will get court selection and the other will get possession of the ball.  Team captains will connect and decide.

Each team will decide if fouls result in loss of possession or freethrow shots. Referees will be assigned upon request.

Flagrant Fouls
A flagrant foul maybe of a violent or aggressive nature, or an act which displays unacceptable conduct. It may involve violent or aggressive contact such as striking, kicking, kneeing, moving under an opponent who is in the air, and crouching or hipping in a manner which could cause severe injury to the opponent.  It may also involve dead ball contact or dialog which is extreme or persistent, agressive, or abusive.  Players committing a flagrant foul will be suspended from play for the remainder of that game or for the rest of the tournament.

Only the assigned players and teams are allowed to occupy the court at any time during a game.

Each team is allowed 2 30-second time-outs per game.

Player substitution is allowed during a time out or any dead-ball situation.

Brackets will be assigned at the beginning of the tournament. Following the tournament's first game, each team is advised to maintain contact with the Registration Table to get updates on when their next games starts and other general game information.  Teams are encouraged to remain at courtside to observe the effects of scheduling changes that could occur mainly due to inclement weather or other unexpected delays.  Weather and non-playable situations may result in the modification or cancellation of the tournament.  Under these unlikely circumstances, team entry fees will not be refunded.

If games are running early and ALL members of both team sare on the court, the game can begin early but only if everyone agrees.  It is your responsibility to notify your spectators of an early game start.

If a player(s) information is falsely listed on the entry application, the player(s) will be disqualified from the tournament. Discovery at any time during the tournament of falsified team information will result in the disqualification of the entire team. In all cases, the entry fee is non-refundable.

Hoop D' Ville's tournament organizers shall have the power to make decisions on any points not specifically covered in these Tournament Rules, and shall also have the complete authorization to interpret the intent and purpose of these rules.